Serving Illinois Public Funds For 30 Years

Independent, Objective & Transparent

Investment Consulting

We provide a full range of professional institutional advisory and consulting services for public safety pension fund investing. Working together, we develop an overall plan for the implementation, management and measurement of plan assets with an eye toward stated goals and objectives.


  • Asset Allocation
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Manager Search
  • Performance Reporting
  • Board Meeting Attendance

Asset Management

After identifying the specific financial goals, tolerance for risk, investment time horizon, and tax situation of your pension fund, endowment or foundation, we construct and manage a portfolio tailored to meet your specific needs. Regularly scheduled reports transparently detail progress.


  • Equity – Dynamic Risk Management (DRM)
  • Sectors Strategy
  • Factors Strategy
  • Fixed Income
  • Global Balanced


Investors Need to Account For Rising Inflation

Investors Need to Account For Rising Inflation

A good rule of thumb is to assume inflation will be at least 3% every year   All investors would be well served to understand the latest Consumer Price Index data from the Department of Labor. Because inflation will impact your long-term retirement strategies....

Tips To Control Frenzied Holiday Shopping

Tips To Control Frenzied Holiday Shopping

Take an organized approach to holiday shopping and actually enjoy it If advertisements and commercials are beginning to feature scenes of happy families, clad in brightly colored sweaters, gathered by a fire, surrounded by an assortment of presents, then the countdown...

Fed Faces Twin Threats in Fight Against Inflation

Fed Faces Twin Threats in Fight Against Inflation

There is wide agreement among economists and market observers that the Federal Reserve’s aggressive interest rate hikes will cause economic growth to grind to a halt, leading to a recession. Less talked about is the risk of a financial crisis as the U.S. central bank...